Four Things I Love about my School Author Visits

  1. The energy of teenagers…they are brimming with vitality and spark. 2. Engagement…teens have to be won over, and it’s great when they begin to connect with your message. 3. The shy writers-to-be…the kids who are dying to talk to you and get hints and encouragement about their writing ambitions. 4. The teachers and … More Four Things I Love about my School Author Visits

Being, Playing, Allowing for Creativity

Donya Metzger, American Vocal Coach, Learning Track Producer and a Capella Director, recently ran a workshop with Coastal a Capella chorus on Movement For Voice.  Donya invited us to Be, Play and Allow. While this invitation was fun, it challenged us. Further, I began to explore the importance of creativity, not only for singing, but other pursuits like writing, … More Being, Playing, Allowing for Creativity