Beach…water, surf, sun. What’s not to like?

In Australia, of our approximate twenty five million inhabitants, the vast majority of us hug the coast, mainly the east coast. We’re an island, after all, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of kilometres of coastline. There’s far fewer of us in the remote centre or the dusty outback. We love water in any form ~ … More Beach…water, surf, sun. What’s not to like?

Mystery…or, what’s gonna happen next?

So, here’s the thing…I’m drawn to mysteries, where things have happened in the past, and these events and decisions affect the present. I’m drawn to stories where there are secrets and misunderstandings. Certain characters struggle with decisions about when and how to reveal these secrets, and this has consequences for others, who perhaps are unaware … More Mystery…or, what’s gonna happen next?

Keep running

A man is chasing her. She’s out in the sticks, up the coast. It’s a rainy, dark night. She crouches, terrified. My main character, Stella, is a runaway from Newcastle, NSW. She thinks she knows how to look after herself, but before too long she’s in a frightening situation. Red-hot angry, she ran from home. … More Keep running

Bloodgifted by Tima Maria Lacoba, Chick Lit Plus Blog Tour

I’m excited to announce my friend Tima Maria Lacoba’s  first ever, official Blog Tour for her debut book, Bloodgifted, the start of the Dantonville series. The blog tour is run by Chic Lit Plus. See below for all the different bloggers featuring Tima on their site. It runs from March 3rd to 24th. I’ve been impressed … More Bloodgifted by Tima Maria Lacoba, Chick Lit Plus Blog Tour