Worst Advice We’ve Heard about Rust

Photograph by Flora Greenslade. Okay…so you’re asking – rust? Rust is a nasty thing, we all know that. Metal objects crumbling away in the weather, rotting and corroding over time. Well, I’m using rust here as a metaphor, people! As in rusting, deteriorating  relationships. I’m fascinated, as are many (most?) of us about how people tick, … More Worst Advice We’ve Heard about Rust

Beach…water, surf, sun. What’s not to like?

In Australia, of our approximate twenty five million inhabitants, the vast majority of us hug the coast, mainly the east coast. We’re an island, after all, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of kilometres of coastline. There’s far fewer of us in the remote centre or the dusty outback. We love water in any form ~ … More Beach…water, surf, sun. What’s not to like?

Keep running

A man is chasing her. She’s out in the sticks, up the coast. It’s a rainy, dark night. She crouches, terrified. My main character, Stella, is a runaway from Newcastle, NSW. She thinks she knows how to look after herself, but before too long she’s in a frightening situation. Red-hot angry, she ran from home. … More Keep running