5.0 out of 5 starsExcellent. Loved hearing the earlier part of the characters’ lives 
By Mandy on May 29, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
Excellent. Loved hearing the earlier part of the lives of Grace and Mary. The characters and story are so real that many families will relate to them. I am already looking forward to the next book in the series. Well done PJ Byers. Highly recommended.

4.0 out of 5 starsI really enjoyed the book & look forward to the 3rd in the series
By Jennie Harrison on 26 May 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
4.0 out of 5 stars I really enjoyed the book & look forward to the 3rd in the series
As a prequel to Collision, Corrosion gives you an insight into the characters and their relationships. Society’s perceptions of children born outside of marriage and expectations of schooling traditions have certainly changed and teenagers reading the Trial Bay series have the opportunity to see how this family reacted to these situations and will be able to compare these factors to current times. I really enjoyed the book & look forward to the 3rd in the series. My congratulations to P J Byer
2015 Finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards for Collision 
‘A YA novel packed full of suspense. A finalist and highly recommended.’ The Wishing Shelf Book Award
Billy Bob2015 Wishing Shelf Book Award for Collision

May 09, 2016Billy Bob rated it ‘amazing.’  · 

This book was entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. This is what our readers thought:

Title: Collision
Author: P J Byer
Star Rating: 5 Stars
Number of Readers: 18
Of the 18 readers:
Editing 9/10
Style 9/10
Cover 8/10
Plot 10/10
Total 36/40
17 would read another book by this author.
12 thought the plot was the best part of the book.
6 thought the setting was the best part
9 thought the cover was good or excellent.
17 though the author was a good writer.

Readers’ Comments
‘I think this author understands teenagers, particularly girls. She knows what we think about and what upsets us. For me, this was the best part of the book.’ Girl, aged 14
‘I liked lots of things about this story. First, the Australian setting was fun. I have never been there but I want to go. Secondly, I liked how realistic it was in particular the way she shows how difficult it must be to be on the run with nowhere to go. Thirdly, I liked the mystery element.’ Boy, age 15
‘The history parts were best. It was a very fast moving story. I liked Stella. She was interesting to follow.’ Girl, aged 15
‘Fab twist at the end. Setting was good. Everything was well described. I really got into the mind of Stella. Cover was ok and I didn’t spot any spelling errors.’ Boy, aged 15
‘The history parts were really interesting and well written.’ Boy, aged 14


on November 4, 2015
I really liked this book. The journey of discovery kept you reading and wanting more. The complex story led to the unrest between father and daughter. The history references were integral to the story and where the journey by Stella and her dad need to find peace and find their history. Highly recommend. Received copy for honest review.
on November 4, 2015
I received a review copy
On first glance, I will say that I didn’t love the cover. It didn’t pull me in, but we all know we shouldn’t judge a book on its cover, and I’m happy to say that this ended up being a very suspenseful, intriguing and emotional read. The action and suspense starts right away, and we realize we are follow Stella, a runaway, as she tries to stay alive after running away from home and encountering several bad people and situations along the way. There is also quite the twist in here as well when Stella starts having strange dreams, and though it took me a little bit to wrap my mind around everything that was happening for that part, it was still really awesome to read about. The ending was the best part though, with a surprise twist I didn’t see coming. Enjoyable read, set in Australia.
on November 1, 2015

Review: COLLISION by P. J. Byer

What Stella wants most is to “find home,” in the emotional sense, whether she realizes it or not. Her irascible personality alienates the family and friends who wish to be her “home,” so now she’s run off, hoping to make her own way. A chance happenstance leaves her off route and stranded; now she’s also on the run, afraid of both the police and the man who tried to brutalize her.

But it’s not coincidence bringing her to this particular bay. Nor is it imagination bringing her such astoundingly vivid dreams of lives lived in a time long past and near-forgotten. Rather, Stella is being guided “home.”

Should adults apologise to teenagers?
A big thanks to Rosa who sent me this positive review about Collision November 3, 2015.
Great read! I really liked how you used your insight about teenagers and conflict with adults in their lives. I really liked that the adult was strong enough to apologise to the teen… Not enough adults see that as necessary sometimes, only the other way around! Really liked the connections of the characters from the past too.
What can I say? You rock!183911_503126353039496_728719585_n

Review from Joe and Denise Hyndes 23 October, 2015

Hi Peita, letting you know both Denise and I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I am a fan of murder, mystery, action and adventure and, as such, did not expect to get past the first chapter. You hooked me on the first page! Everything but murder.


You made the characters seem real with all their personal failures, foibles and interwoven relationships. Denise read the book in one day and we want to know when the next one is due out. Thanks for a great read…

Review form
Aug 29, 2015Julie rated it 4 of 5 stars
I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Collision is PJ Byer’s debut novel. Ms. Byer is a retired teacher, and her classroom experiences have enabled her to perfectly portray the tumultuous teenage attitude and angst in this Young Adult novel.

Collision is set in Kempsey, Australia, and the premise of the story is based on local history. The book cannot be classified solely as “historical fiction” as it is set primarily in current times. The history aspect comes when the main character, Stella, starts experiencing disconcerting flashbacks and dreams. I loved the local colloquialisms; I felt that I had taken a trip Down Under and was surrounded by locals.

Stella and her father, Peter, have a stereotypically bad relationship. When Stella’s defiance ceases to get the reaction she needs from her father, she runs away. Her story begins with her first bout of bad luck on this ill-planned mission. Ms. Byer does not romanticize the life of a teen runaway; without adding too much grit for her target audience (young adults), Byer paints the realistically bleak picture of life for a teen without an education, a job or a home.

Due to circumstances beyond her control (or perhaps fate), Stella ends up in the town of Kempsey with a small percentage of the possessions she took from home. The only thing of value she has left is a ring she inherited from her mother. Upon arrival to this seaside town, Stella begins having the odd dreams. Cold, dirty and hungry, Stella has the good fortune to run into some teens her age who eventually befriend her. While her subpar living conditions make her appreciate what her family provided her, Stella’s new and old friends, and their relationships with the adults in their lives, give her strength to eventually deal with her family problems.

Parallel to Stella realizing the role she played in damaging her family relationships, she solves the mystery of her flashbacks/dreams. The story ends beautifully with hope for the future.

PJ Byer has written an exciting coming-of-age novel that will ignite young adult readers to look into Australia’s role in the WWI and WWII and, perhaps, to appreciate their family more.

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Most Helpful Amazon Customer Reviews

Riveting read.
By Lefty on July 10, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Fantastic read. Hard to put down once you start reading. The characters come to life. Love that parts of the story are based on history. Love the setting . Interesting how some family members deal with having lived with family secrets that they have tried to bury and how this has impacted on other family members. Most enjoyable read I have had for some time. Brilliant. Hope to see more books written by P.J.BYER.

By Mandy on July 17, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Loved it..great characters and so good to read a book that has would appeal to readers from teenagers to the young at heart. Looking forward to seeing if there is a follow up.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars An enjoyable read with lots of unexpected twists and turns! 1 August 2015
By Z Berzins
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I thoroughly enjoyed the first novel by PJ Byer – ‘Collision’. The characters are relatable and I thought the historical element added an interesting dimension to the story which kept me guessing until the end. Whilst targeted at young adults, this is a book which will appeal to readers of all ages. Highly recommended!
5.0 out of 5 stars Riveting 15 July 2015
By Dawn Ward TOP 1000 REVIEWER
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Wow this book got me from the first page. Loved the characters especially Stella and Doris, south west rocks sounds like a lovely place and I can’t wait to go there. This book was such an easy read. Can’t wait to read more of your books P.J Byer. Loved it !!!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic book that is a great read for teenagers & … 12 August 2015
By Jennie Harrison
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Fantastic book that is a great read for teenagers & young adults. Great to have the historical facts intertwined with the storyline.
W5.0 out of 5 stars