Author Workshops

Author in Residence At MacKillop Catholic College, Warnervale

A fantastic six week placement at MacKillop Catholic College, Warnervale. English Co-ordinator, Anne Lovett, engaged me, having chosen Collision as the novel for study for Year 10, Term 1 2016.

Over the next weeks, I workshopped Creative Writing with the six classes, working with the teachers on specific needs of their class. It was really interesting seeing the kids’ varied stages writing, and we particularly focused on Character and Setting.

I loved this experience, and the students were very cooperative.

Alstonville High, Tuesday November 17, 2015

Year 7 students had lots of great questions about writing and being a writer after our Five Senses creative writing workshop. A big thanks to their teacher and also to school librarian, Sam Palsmeier.


St Paul’s College, West Kempsey Friday November 13, 2015

Three stimulating sessions were held here, with great support from school librarian Peter Garty ~ a Year 12 Extension 2 English session, creative writing with Year 9 and a fabulous drama workshop with Year 10 Drama. Thank you to the enthusiastic teachers!


Kempsey High, Wednesday November 11, 2015

A big thank you to school librarian Linda Sneddon. We liaised to produce a two hour HSC Discovery session with Year 12 students, shaped around Collision as a related text. It was also lovely to speak to the teachers and keen writing students after our session. Below is an article in the Macleay Valley paper, the Argus.


Author Creative Writing Workshop

I Visit Terrigal High School for Book Week!

On Friday August 28, 2015, Terrigal High School librarian, Ms Lyndall Gale, and Head Teacher English, Ms Carla Vieusseux, invite me to present an hour workshop on creative writing as part of Book Week. Ms Gale has purchased a copy of Collision by PJ Byer for the library.


Peita’s presentation to our Year 9 cohort was engaging.  In organising the event, I found PJ to be organised and professional. She was flexible in ensuring she met the needs of our students and the current curriculum. Thank you PJ

Lyndall Gale, Librarian, Terrigal High School

As a published author PJ’s presentation brought credibility to her introduction to Creative Writing. She provided an interesting insight into the stimulus for her own novel which the students found fascinating. Her activities on Creative Writing engaged the students and elicited many positive responses from the students. My class of Year 9 boys gained much from her engaging presentation. Their feedback on the worth of the presentation was very positive. As a retired teacher, Peita understands young minds and pitched her delivery accordingly. Thanks PJ. 

Ron Falzon, Senior English teacher, Terrigal High School

Peita’s workshop with Year Nine was highly engaging. Her insight into the development of her own novel was significant and exciting. The creative writing workshop component of the session encouraged students to think outside the box. Her kind, gentle approach encouraged students to take risks and enjoy the creative writing process.

Amanda Cooke, English teacher, Terrigal High School

Please note that I can adapt my presentations to align with your school’s curriculum

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