A Cover Reveal for Corrosion, Book 2 in the Trial Bay Series.

Corrosion, draft cover
Corrosion, draft cover
This book is about to be released in late May/early June 2016.
It’s been a labour of love, and my editor is perusing it for final “tweaks.”
This story is set more than forty years prior to Collison, Book 1, and explores the strained dynamic between Stella’s father Paul as a teenager, and his mother, Mary. It is told in each of their alternating voices.
My designer is Danielle Greenslade, the owner and designer of Black Ant Australia. Again she has produced a striking and atmospheric cover. This is a draft “screen grab” cover. It echoes some of the design of Collision, but with key differences. It is set mainly in Sydney overlooking Sydney Harbour, though of course, our characters also return to Trial Bay.
I’d love to hear your feedback!

2 thoughts on “A Cover Reveal for Corrosion, Book 2 in the Trial Bay Series.

  1. Ahaha! No wonder we haven’t heard much from you lately. You’ve been working on a PROJECT! So glad to hear this prequel you mentioned months ago has come to fruition. The cover is lovely. I’m very much impressed with the way your book covers manage to convey drama with a few colors and strange shadows. I think I might like this cover even better than Collision’s!

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    1. Thanks Audrey! And yes, I have been a busy bee. Corrosion’s cover has great colours, I agree… Simple palette and images that suggest a lot. Also my pleasure re your review, and will ur on Goodreads. PJ


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