It’s Been Too Long…but I’ve got some good excuses!

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I haven’t posted here for ages as there’s been just too much happening in my life!!

I plan to do more regular posts to update you about what I’ve been up to, as well as post photos. Here is a taste of what I’ve been up to:
1. Author-in-Residence at MacKillop Catholic College, Warnervale, during March and April, 2016. Suffice to say, a wonderful experience doing Creative Writing workshops linked to my book Collision which each Year 10 class was studying!

2. I am a finalist in the 2015 Wishing Shelf Independent UK awards for Teen Books. The medallion below will be on the front cover of Collision, Book 1 in the Trial Bay series, from now on.

3. I’ve finished Book 2 of the Trial Bay series, entitled Corrosion. A big thank you to my beta readers! At present I’m working through the meticulous edits from my editor Helena Newton…and really enjoying the process.

4. My clever designer, Danielle Greenslade of Black Ant Pty Ltd, is hard at work on the Corrosion front and back cover.

5. With my lovely writer friend, Tima Maria Lacoba of the Dantonville Legacy Series, I’m sharing a stall at the huge Supernova pop culture Expo at Homebush stadium June 18 and 19. We’re each selling our books, and there’ll be merchandise as well.

6. Last, but not least, Ivor and I moved house…downsized to a (large!!) townhouse not far from where we used to live, and loving it so far. But after 28 years in our lovely family home, it’s been a huge job with the buying and selling, and the styling and clearing/ getting rid of/ packing up and unpacking. Phew, it’s exhausting even typing it.

7. Oops, this is the last, but not least…a third book in the Trial Bay series is planned, tentatively entitled Chrysalis, due to be published in 2017.

2 thoughts on “It’s Been Too Long…but I’ve got some good excuses!

  1. Wow, wow, wow! Congrats on making it to the final rounds of the book award, that’s going to be a great thing to have on your cover and resume. I’m so happy to hear you got to do a residency…I’ve been thinking about putting out my applications again. I miss being able to focus on the craft itself, and actually write stories instead of just sell them! But I need to write some new short stories before I do that…all mine are far to old and not representative of where I am as a writer now (plus, it’s always a hard sell, being a sci-fi/fantasy writer, haha) I hope you and your husband are getting settled in your new home and loving it. Glad to hear from you!

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    1. Hi Audrey, Great to hear from you! You’ve been so productive and successful yourself in recent months, I’ve enjoyed following your blog. I’m also enjoying The Neverland Wars, nearly finished and will send a review. With my writer-in-residence gig I’d done some relief teaching at this school which led to the English Co-Ordinator reading my book, then buying it for all of Year 10!!! It really was a special experience for five weeks – a highlight I’ll treasure. Best wishes, PJ


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