Four connections between creative folk

I’m here at the Tamworth Country Music Festival for the first time, the 44th. It’s a whole lotta fun and everyone’s so friendly. Really it’s more a music festival…blues, RnB, rock, popular, jazz, it’s all happening here.

And it made me think about how, in my small way as a writer, I feel connected to these artists giving it their all up on the stage….

1. Commitment – you’ve got to give 110% to your craft. However you feel, when it’s the time to sing or play your instrument (or write), that’s all you do.

 Goatgirl from The Hillbilly Goats

2. Craft – the musicianship of these muso’s defies description. Some are young, others have been honing their skills for years, whatever the instrument – voice, guitar, double bass, violin, drums, bagpipes – and it’s breathtaking to listen and watch their talent. Similarly, a writer must continue to practise their craft, always.

Guitarist from The Mezcaltones

3. Promotion and Branding – it’s a crowded market for musicians. How to differentiate and make their band memorable, amongst the many talented bands/ solos? Their colours, outfits, name, marketing etc all have to be on message, exactly as a writer has to do with their book cover designs and advertising.

A Mexican flavour with The Mezcaltones

4. Passion – love what you do! Many creative people never make much money, but they do it because they love it. They travel and often live in their van, following festivals around the countryside, promoting and recording where they can. It’s humbling to witness what they do.

Janice, lead singer from Trainwreck.

What do you think?

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