Five ways to get young people reading


Okay, so getting teens and younger ones to read can be like pulling teeth. Especially with social media demands and temptations, like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and apps on their iPhone or other devices.

PJ Byer's photo.

Here are some ideas, with thanks to The Guardian.
1. Have a parent who loves reading. With Mum and/ or Dad role modelling their love of reading and talking about it, a kid is ahead of the group. Still, there’s not much you can do if Mum or Dad is not keen, so here are other options….
2. A teacher can inspire interest in reading, and not only the English teacher. When teachers from other faculties like Geography, Science and TAS show they love reading too, that can appeal to kids who otherwise might not give it a go.
3. Let reading be fun! Children won’t find reading pleasurable if there is too much pressure on them, so if it’s framed as an escape, as relaxation and chilling out, young people will be more inclined to curl up with a book.
4. Having said that, competition can appeal to lots of kids (and adults!) Entering a reading challenge might be a way for a child to read lots of things, and a particular author or topic might pique their interest to continue and extend their reading.
5. Anything goes! Let young people read whatever interests them…Comics, ebooks, short stories, online articles and magazines, blogs, non-fiction. Boys especially may love non-fiction like sport books, biographies, how to guides, newspapers.

I’m already up to my five ideas, but of course a sixth one is go to the library…free books! free toys! advice and help from the librarians. And of course there are all those online books. I’ll chat about that in another blog.…/how-to-encourage-students-read…

What do you think?

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