I Visit Terrigal High School for Book Week!

I Visit Terrigal High School for Book Week!

On Friday August 28, 2015, Terrigal High School librarian, Ms Lyndall Gale, and Head Teacher English, Ms Carla Vieusseux, invite me to present an hour workshop on creative writing as part of Book Week. Ms Gale has purchased a copy of Collision by PJ Byer for the library! Look at all those great reviews…

How to Improve My Writing Extract 6.jpg.001

Terrigal High School is keen to improve writing results and hopes a visit by a real live author, and a local Central Coast one, may inspire the students….and of course I do!

I deliver a power point presentation to the top Year 9 boy class and girl class, with a brief introduction about how I was inspired to write Collision (that’s for another blog) and then an intensive look at a couple of key strategies to help write more imaginatively   .

How to Improve My Writing Extract.pdf.001

If I say so myself, it has some pretty snazzy transitions as well as animations. Yes, I’m so IT savvy (well, getting there…) It  includes a pulsing lightbulb, as in that inspirational moment which strikes a writer, and results in an avalanche of words onto the page. Yes, I know…cheap and superficial effects, but it engages the kids and we’re off to a good start.

lightbulb 3.jpg.002

There actually is some good content, including a special emphasis on eliminating needless words (like ridiculously and repeatedly using those dastardly ‘ly’ words ~ adverbs) and using all five senses in writing. The students respond very positively, and many read out their ideas and descriptions related to the sensory images.


You never know, I may get invited back!

2 thoughts on “I Visit Terrigal High School for Book Week!

    1. Hi Audrey, thanks for congrats. I’m trying different activities where I can to get my name out there. The book launch was so great, far exceeded my expectations.Hope all going well with you and your proceeding to publication 2016 🙂


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