Collision is published July 5, 2015 on Amazon


The day a new writer dreams of has arrived, and my book is published! Above is the completed cover. So much hard work, long hours of editing and editing drift into the ether as I see my book up on Amazon. I feel lucky that I’ve enjoyed the writing process, I fall into a reverie and hours can pass….The actual self-publishing process is a long process, at times my head hurts with all that I’m learning and the social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, this blog, and of course Facebook.image.

And then there’s the wide new world of Amazon kindle, and soon my print book will be available.

So check out my book on Amazon kindle; a kindle app can be downloaded for any device. Special thanks to my clever designer Danielle Byer Greenslade of Black Ant Australia. If you need anything in the graphic design area she’s your person. Thank you to Patti Roberts of Paradox Design for excellent formatting; and to Author Tima Maria Lacoba for her generous support of a newbie writer like me.

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