Raising the Stakes on Young Writers by Brian Kelley

What a clever idea to encourage teens to write together for a common goal – well done to them and their teacher! There may well be a new crop of young writers as a result.

Nerdy Book Club

Towards the end of last school year, I revisited an idea for a collaborative student novel when I received a serendipitous email from Opera Philadelphia. They offered schools free tickets for the 2015 season. All we needed was transportation and some context.

I wondered if this year’s students could reimagine an opera as a middle grade novel.

After exploring the costs of paying for professional editing services, I chose CreateSpace because of the menu of options regarding editing and design services. Additionally, by going through CreateSpace I knew we could publish our classroom novel on Amazon.

In August I had an even one-hundred students in my class. I calculated out the cost of editing and designing a 25,000 word novel–just over $2,100. I sought funding from our student council.

In my formal proposal, I established that each student in my class would write a 250-word section of the novel as…

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