Collision takes shape – publication looms!

I’m very excited about the cover of my YA novel, Collision. The image above is a draft, but close to what we what. It is designed by my very clever sister, designer extraordinaire, Danielle Byer Greenslade.

What ideas, thoughts, emotions float out to you when you see this cover? I’d be fascinated to hear from you. I’ve lived and breathed this story for eighteen months, and I can see so much in this graphic that hints and hopefully teases the reader to want to know more!

Design is a fascinating process, isn’t it. The concept, colour palette, the proportions, the font, the title and words. I’m still working on my blurb for the back cover….

I’m such a book lover. I love the feel and texture of a book in my hands, the smell and anticipation of what world lies within. Bookshops, libraries, second hand stores, friends’ bookshelves…Yes, reading is a sensual experience. Of course, my book will be in ebook form as well as hard copy. The future is very much digital, isn’t it, and we adapt to the changing times. I love much about the digital age too.

There’ll be regular posts on my blog from now on as I anticipate and reach publication. Please share your thoughts, ideas with me, and share my blog with your friends. Also take a look at my PJByer Facebook page and twitter.
Speak again soon,
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