My first post

Welcome to my blog ~ I hope to share with you the ups and downs of my writing journey, and to hear from you about yours. My first manuscript (as in first revised draft) was completed last, and at present is being critiqued by a few people I trust to be honest in their feedback. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking! My book is historical fiction with romance, and is pitched at Adult and Young Adult readers.

Once I have critiques, I can go to work improving my piece.

In my next blog, I’ll update you on what my story is about, where it’s set and how I became interested in it in the first place.

Cheers, PJ

3 thoughts on “My first post

  1. Looking forward to hearing more about your novel. As I mentioned my grandfather Has his photo there. We also visited the goal well before it was a major tourist attraction, and I remember there was a photo of him in his army uniform, he was stationed there I think.


    1. Hi Julie – yes so many memories of this place. In my memory the bars in the cells were a bit scary but we ran all around it and explored.
      In the 1960s the National Parks and Wildlife took it over so I’m pretty certain no soldiers were posted there like your grandfather?
      Now it is really well set up for visits with two cells “renovated ” to the two periods of occupation – 1890s prisoner and 1917 German enemy “alien.”


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